Selini Jewellery is a custom jewellery workshop that specialises in high-end one off pieces of jewellery from simple shaped wedding bands to highly complex diamond pieces. With the bulk of its work coming from recommendations the company has built up a highly varied and international customer base.

Prior to owner and designer, Rob Girling's involvement in the jewellery industry Rob worked in the field of precision engineering, however as Delcam began to apply its technology to Jewellery he too saw the opportunities within jewellery manufacturing.

Selini Jewellery -  Ring

Rob comments, "At the time a friend of mine owned a few jewellery shops and I'd seen a couple of publications showing people using CADCAM for Jewellery. I'd noticed how it was taking people up to 6-7 weeks to make rings and I knew I could make them in hours."

Most jewellers who are starting to use ArtCAM aren't going to have a background in CAD so they're probably going to approach things a bit differently to the way we would; they are used to doing sketches.

ArtCAM will definitely benefit them in this way as it gives them the ability to take a 2D idea, scan it and then turn it into geometry before it is quickly turned into a 3D design. I know a lot of jewellery specific software, that can't do that, certainly not as quickly!

You don't need much understanding of 3D geometry to create a ring in ArtCAM."

Rob has now been a Delcam customer for over 10 years. From originally using PowerShape and PowerMill for its engineering operations, Rob currently uses a range of Delcam products and services, such as ArtCAM, Delcam Designer and Delcam's in-house Rapid Prototyping Bureau to create his jewellery.

"We can do extremely complicated pieces in Delcam Designer which I would say other software is limited to. Everything we do is one off work which tends to be quite unusual or outside the norm. We don't want stuff to look like a collet and a shank, Delcam Designer really allows us to create anything that we want."

Selini exquisite jewellery

"In the last few years the best thing to come about in Delcam Designer would be its morphing ability. Once we create a design, although each one is unique to the stone, we might alter that design or tweak it or use some of it for another design, so that has been really useful."

"The big thing that we use ArtCAM for is a lot of shape wedding rings and eternity rings. ArtCAM is extremely quick for that sort of thing. We can design a paváe setting ring in say 15-20 minutes. The ability to unwrap a ring and the speed that you can do it in is the best thing about ArtCAM. But whether we design our pieces in Delcam Designer or ArtCAM, all the machining side of things are done in ArtCAM. ArtCAM and Delcam Designer work hand in hand. Different jobs lend themselves to either software."

A selection of jewellery by Selini

Rob continues, "Delcam's biggest advantage is that it is more manufacture based than some of the other companies in this market, beneath the surface of the products there is more substance. I've also found Delcam's customer service over the years to be very consistent, quick to respond to problems and their staff very knowledgeable.

I would highly recommend ArtCAM to experienced jewellery manufacturers and designers as well as emerging designers and new companies. The right software really can give you a competitive edge in the jewellery industry."