With ArtCAM Insignia’s Nesting feature, large numbers of letters or shapes can be efficiently cut from one or multiple sheets of material, reducing material waste. Additionally thanks to Insignia’s ability to save the dimensions of any left over material, further cost savings can be made by using it on a future project.

Nesting helps reduce wastage and save you money

You can control the shape and position of lead in/out moves to improve edge finish as well as add ramping moves to reduce the load on the tool.

To hold your pieces in place as they are machined, ArtCAM Insignia also contains options for 2D and 3D bridging tabs (break-out tabs). The size and shape of your sheet material can be set within Insignia. All the selected vector shapes and letters can then be nested neatly and efficiently within your specified sheet.

Letters nested to save on material wastage

The feature includes a number of options to help you achieve the desired result, including the ability to allow items to be nested within one another and to keep grouped vectors (eg. words) intact. You are also able to nest multiple copies of the same design into a set material shape. If you wish to change which parts of your design are to be nested at any point, all your original vector layers are preserved.

Nested dinosaur parts