ArtCAM Insignia’s engraving features are ideal for name plate and foil embossing industries...

Engraving studios and their designers can select one of ArtCAM’s powerful engraving strategies to calculate the toolpaths required for machining. ArtCAM’s unique ‘Smart Engraving’ function, for example, not only rapidly clears away surplus material but also uses corner sharpening to create a clean crisp edge for foil stamping.

Another valuable strategy is ArtCAM’s “Raised Round” command. Ideal for foil and embossing dies with lettering, this strategy generates toolpaths directly from the vector artwork. Determining the optimum height and shape, this strategy creates a tapered edge to the letter design so that there are no sharp edges that would otherwise pierce through the material. Other commonly used engraving effects, such as the raised flat (bevelled flat lift), or raised roof (raised faceted), can all be achieved.

Tangshan Tigers die courtesy of Coatings Direct

'Tangshan Tigers' die courtesy of Coatings Direct