ArtCAM Insignia users can begin creating their design by; working directly within the software, importing hand drawn sketches or using pre-created 2D vector artwork. Insignia can import most common vector and bitmap image formats, including: pdf, bmp, jpeg, tiff, gif, eps and also gives full support to dwg, ai and dxf files retaining all the original layer information.

Pre-Created Vector Artwork

Once you import your artwork, vector outlines are created to map out the various elements of your design and will act as guides to create your machining toolpaths. If you are importing several images these can be saved as individual bitmap layers that can be turned on and off whilst you design.

ArtCAM Insignia also comes with a library of vector drawings that can be incorporated into your design. To this you can then add your own frequently used shapes, symbols and logos or previously created components.

Pre-created Vector artwork from the library

Working With Vectors

Insignia gives you the tools to create and edit a large variety of shapes or freehand vector curves. For complex designs or to re-use specific vector drawings, your design can be built up using ArtCAM’s vector layers.

Build up a relief model from vectors

For designs that use both 2D and 3D parts, for example a sign that uses an imported ArtCAM relief with some text beneath it, the user can choose whether they would like to draw or paint their artwork either in the 2D or 3D perspective. This can be particularly useful for positioning 2D elements and visualising the design.

Adding Text To Your Designs

Add and manipulate text with ease

For companies wishing to include lettering, ArtCAM's Font Editor allows you to edit, manipulate and distort existing fonts and create new unique font designs. Both new fonts and any frequently used symbols can be stored in libraries for future use.

Advanced text editing tools are included to provide control over the size, positioning and alignment of edited fonts.

Standard “single-stroke” engraving fonts are also included for faster more efficient engraving times.