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Here's a collection of some ArtCAM questions that we get regularly asked. If you'd like to put a question directly to us, please contact us. Or speak to your local ArtCAM reseller.

ArtCAM Product Specific FAQ

ArtCAM Express

View The ArtCAM Express FAQ

ArtCAM insignia

View The ArtCAM Insignia FAQ

ArtCAM Pro

View The ArtCAM Pro FAQ

ArtCAM JewelSmith

View The ArtCAM JewelSmith FAQ

ArtCAM General FAQ

Q: What's the latest version of the ArtCAM range?

For Information on what the current release of the ArtCAM range is (ArtCAM Express, ArtCAM Insignia, ArtCAM Pro and ArtCAM JewelSmith) and for an overview of some of the latest features, please visit the Latest Version page.

Q: What languages is ArtCAM available in?

Does ArtCAM provide the right solution for me?

Q: What is the recommended system specification for running ArtCAM?

Q: Are any of the ArtCAM products available for Mac OS or other platforms?

Q: What file formats can ArtCAM work with?

Q: Do all versions of ArtCAM come with the free clipart library?

Q: Can I use a graphics tablet with ArtCAM?

Q: Does ArtCAM require a Dongle or USB Security Key?

Q: Can ArtCAM import digitized/scanned data?

Q: Is ArtCAM compatible with 3D printers, laser and CNC machines?

Q: What CNC machine tools does ArtCAM work with?

Q: Do you offer downloadable trial versions of ArtCAM?

Q: What is a 'Toolbox Add-in'?

Help deciding between ArtCAM variants

To help you determine which version of ArtCAM is best for you, we have put together an overview of the features across the product range.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for, why not contact us?

Purchasing ArtCAM

There are a number of ways to purchase ArtCAM. If you would like ArtCAM Express and ArtCAM Insignia without a dongle, these can be purchased as a Pre-registered kit from a local reseller or electronically as a Download Only version from our ArtCAM Online Store. Alternatively you can buy a boxed version (with a dongle) of ArtCAM Express/ Insignia from the ArtCAM online store or any of the products in the ArtCAM range from one of our dedicated resellers.

Software Installation And Downloading Software Updates

Q: How do I install patches and software updates?

Dongle Issues

Q: What happens if I lose my Dongle or it gets broken?

Q: What happens if my Dongle is faulty?